Do you want to have a robot?

I want to have a robot with high-tech functions and attractive looks. The reason is that it can finish all housework for me, such as working dishes, cleaning jobs and brushing my teeth. I won’t be punished by mother anymore after it comes to my home. Machine is obedient to human’s order. I don’t worry if it can analyze my behaviour and betrays me. Besides, it could be a tutor teaching me all the subjects at home because it is empowered with different kinds of knowledge, like an encyclopedia. Therefore, I need a helper in my daily life. Robot is the best option.

The most important function of a robot is the ability of transformation. I don’t expect it will fight, just like the one in the film. If it can transform into a car, I can get to school comfortably every day. Maybe it can transform into a small plane, so that I can travel around the world during holidays. I also want to show off in front of my friends – I have an awesome robot. I can imagine they will be jealous of me.