A Charming Kid

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Today I am going to share a story to you about a charming kid I saw in the past. This helpful hand a little kid was just 4-year-old.

It was a rainy Friday. As usual, I was so tired and almost fell asleep in the bus ride when a small hand pointing out to another old woman drew my attention. I raise my eyes to see what's going on.

It's a kindergarten child who was sitting with his mother. The boy seemed to be telling something to her mum but in vain as the bus was noisy. The boy was so serious that he pointed at his target with all his strength. This heightens my curiosity so I went on watching.

Five minutes late, the child's mother noticed there's something wrong about her son. She turned her head to the child and asked, "Son, why do you look so nervous? Anything wrong?"

The boy nodded his head, but instantly shook it, "Yes...... no, I just want to help the old woman on the first seat. She is carrying lots of baggage and I want to carry some for her."

Whatever the child did at last, it's time for me to leave because I was on the way to school. But still, this scene impressed me a lot. Even a child small like him showed his will to lend a helping hand, how about us?

We should turn a warm heart to the others, even it's a busy day.