Mum’s “Special” Birthday Party

Mum's birthday is coming. Her children, Kenny, Morris and Sophie are preparing a birthday party for her.

Kenny asks, "What should we prepare for the party? Should we buy some gifts for her?" Morris replies cunningly, "Let's have something special!" "Shall we buy some weird food?" says Sophie. Morris shouts, "Yes, we also buy one snail mask for her!" "That's a great idea! Mum likes her skin shiny. Let's go to buy them!" Kenny says excitedly.

After an hour, they arrive a shop named Weirdest Food and Sundries. In this shop, there is a lot of terrible food. They choose a can of snake soup, a bottle of lizard wine and a can of poo. They also take one snail mask in the basket. They go to the cashier. The cashier says, "Sorry, children. You do not have enough money to buy them. You can either have the food or the mask." "Okay! We have the food," Morris and Sophie say.

"Let's do the snail mask ourselves!" the oldest brother says. Sophie says, "Can we catch the snail in the park?" "Fantastic! Let's go quickly!" Morris replies cheerfully. They catch many snails in the park. After that, they go home and make the snail mask.

Today is Mum's birthday. After they sing the birthday song, they give the gifts for Mum. When she opens the gifts, she falls down because she is so scared. Her children call the ambulance at once.

A few minutes later, the ambulance arrives their home and takes her to the hospital. The children feel very ashamed for what they do. They say sorry to their Mum. Mum says, "Never mind, my dear. I have a special birthday."