Mum’s Special Birthday Party

Tomorrow will be Mum’s birthday, Dad has prepared a present for Mum already. But his children, the eldest brother, Kenny, the elder brother, Morris, and the youngest sister, Sophie, are still discussing what to buy for Mum.

Kenny suggests, “Mum’s birthday is coming. Let’s have a party for her.” “Great idea!,” say Morris and Sophie.

Kenny asks, “What should we prepare for the party?” “Let’s have something special.”

So Kenny goes to the supermarket alone to search for a gift. It is because he is the eldest son. Suddenly, he sees some special things – weird food. “This is the best choice for Mum’s birthday party. Also, it is all free!, ” yells Kenny. So he buys all of the weird food home, such as poo-poo jam.

After he goes back home, Morris and Sophie run out of their room quickly and sees the weird food. They say worriedly, “Brother, will Mum like this food?” Kenny replies, “You two do not need to worry. I am sure that Mum will like this food.”

They say, “Okay.”

The second day, Kenny, Morris and Sophie bring the weird food out. Mum does not yell loudly. She is very happy!

After the party, Morris and Sophie find that Mum likes eating weird food very much!