The Most Terrible Present for Uncle Lee

Soon it would be Uncle Lee’s birthday. Everyone had a present for him, such as, watches, books, wine…except me! Uncle Lee was so strange. He loved horrible things! I thought a whole day about what to give him. I wanted to give him the most terrible present ever.

“What could I get Uncle Lee?” I thought hard. Suddenly, Mum appeared and said, “Oh! You are a good boy! Sometimes the best present comes from your heart. You can make some things yourself!” This time, I had a great idea. I could make a whole set of bones with a lot of fake blood. It would be the most terrible one ever!

First, I found a lot of wood to make the bones. Then, I saw the wood into the shape of the bones. After that, I colored the wood in white color and glued them in correct side. Later, I poured some tomato juice on it. Finally, I wrapped it with a huge and beautiful box.

Next week, at the birthday party, I gave Uncle Lee his present. When he opened it, he felt so surprised and excited. A large smile filled in his face. He said,” Fantastic! It’s the most horrible present that I have never seen it! Thank you so much. I would put it in my bedroom.”

We hugged and kissed and ate the food of the party happily!