The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

晶文薈萃 十優文章

The wolf, Alexander T, was a kind but an impulse wolf. Long time ago, he wanted to borrow a cup of sugar from his neighbours, the three little pigs. But everyone thought the wolf was a big, bad wolf.


The wolf: He is very nice but impulse.

The Three Little Pigs: The first pig is stupid. The second pig is smarter than the first pig. The third pig is the smartest.

A policeman: He is the three little pig’s uncle.


Scene 1: In the kitchen, at home

Wolf: Oh! (screams loudly) I don’t have enough sugar to make a birthday cake for my dearest grandma. I need to borrow a cup of sugar.

Scene 2: Outside the first little pig’s house

Wolf: (shouts loudly) Little pig, where are you?

(No answer. The wolf starts to sneeze and blows the house down. The pig dies. The wolf eats him up.)

Wolf: I still don’t have my cup of sugar.

Scene 3: Outside the second little pig’s house

Wolf: (Shouts louder than before) Are you in, Mr. Pig?

The second little pig: Get out! (says scarcely)

(Suddenly, the wolf sneezes again. The house falls down.)

Wolf: (says cheerfully.) Oh! I have dinner again.

Scene 4: Outside the third little pig’s house

Wolf: (knocks on the door.) Mr. Pig, are you here?

The third little pig: Don’t bother me! Go back to your silly grandma!

(The wolf is so angry. He puffs and huffs.)

(At that time, the policeman catches the wolf.)

Scene 5: In the jail

Wolf: Help! Help! Help! Don’t kill me!

The policeman: Let’s me kill you now! Ha! Ha…