Mum’s “Special” Birthday Party

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Mum's birthday is coming. Her children, Kenny, Morris and Sophie, want to give Mum an excellent, amazing and special party for their mother. Morris yells, "Let's go to the supermarket and look for some special food!" Both Kenny and Sophie agree to Morris. Then, they go to the supermarket which is near their home.

"Welcome to 'The Weirdest Supermarket in the World'! You can choose either weird food or some abnormal food here!" says the salesgirl enthusiastically. The children go inside and search around for their party's food. "Hey! How about this? " Kenny takes up a cup of snake soup and shouts loudly. Sophie says happily, "Great! Mum's zodiac is snake, I think she will love it!" "So do I! It looks yummy!" Morris says excitedly.

On the party's day, the children give the food to their mother and said, "Mum! This is the food that we choose for a long time with heart! Would you try it?" Mum does not want to eat the food but she can't refuse her children, so she eats them up and says, "Thanks a lot! It is the food that I will remember lifetime!"

Although Mum feels very disgusting about the food, she finds that her body becomes strong and healthy after eating the food. From that day on, Mum eats weird food every day!