The Most Disturbing Gift Ever

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Jack was a spy.

He had so many fake names like, Orlando, Jack, Phillip, and Max... that he had even forgotten his true name that his real mother gave him. However, his favourite name was Jack so let’s just called him Jack. Also, he had lots of brilliant fake family and clothes, like his little aerated bag that could make him changed into a fat fellow or a slim man in one second, and even a lot of masks.

He was all time living in scared. He could not trust anyone except his boss and his best friend, Rotter, who had played with Jack since they were a little kid. They were good partners on work, and good friends in common life. They only trust each other.

They were both the spies who unluckily sent to the America. They knew it was a dangerous country to spies, so they did things carefully. Once they found something wrong, they would change their appearances, body types, names and family members. In one sentence, they tried best to not to expose their identity.

One day, Jack received a letter from his boss. It was about that there was a traitor in their team so Rotter and him must come back as fast as they could or they would be in danger.

Jack did not believe in this letter. To think about his boss’ style in common senses, he should have left them alone in the America but not brought them back too. It was so illogic.

Just at that moment, the door bell rang. Jack quickly changed into the status he was using, and went to open the door.

There stood two men in all black. Jack noticed that they were the secret police of the America so he locked the door which had special protection before anything could happen.

After escaping to another safe place, Jack relaxed his shocked mind and started to think of this sudden attack. He knew that it might not be just a misunderstanding. Slowly, he turned on the CCTV.


Rotter was preparing the gift to Jack in Jack’s room. First, he put a big box in the middle of a big piece of wrapping paper. Then, he put a small letter on the box. After that, he pulled up the wrapping paper. Next, he glued the paper. Finally, he pasted a big red butterfly on the box, curled the corner of his mouth up meaningfully.


Jack jumped surprise.

“That was the big red butterfly!” He yelled scared, “It means that there was a traitor in our team! It’s real!”

Just as he was going to pick things, he saw a letter on his bed.


Quickly, billions questions flied inside his head.

How did he know my secret address? I had told anyone but my boss about this.

Will he be that traitor?

With lots of questions, he opened up the envelope.


Dear Jack,

I am Rotter. I know you must feel puzzled about this—how did I know your secret address? Yes, in fact, I am that traitor.

Jack, I know this must make your feelings all fall. But, honestly, if we don’t bow in front of this country, we will only lose our life. But, Jack, I hope you can still see me as your best friend. I know I am the worst man ever, I’m bad, I’m despicable; but I love you, my friend.

Jack, please listen to me, okay? Just one sentence. When the doorbell rang, that means our liberator comes. Open up your locked door for him, can you?



Jack trembled. He could not believe what was happening. Everything. Could he trust Rotter? He was now a traitor, but he was once a pretty, honest and smart boy, his best friend...

The door bell rang. Jack moved his head slowly from side to side, sighed.

Who could he trust? Or shall I say, who would be worth for him to trust?