The Real Story of the Ugly Duckling

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Once upon a time, Katie was born. She was the most beautiful swan in the world. She was too proud so the other ducks did not want to play with her. Then, Fairy taught her a lesson. Fairy turned her into an ugly duckling. Katie cried loudly. After that, some ducks went to comfort her since they could not recognize her. At last, Fairy saw Katie being heart-searching. Fairy gave her a chance to turn back into a beautiful swan. However, Katie rejected the offer. She wanted to keep her friends.


Katie – She is the most beautiful swan but she is too proud. Everyone does not like her.

Fairy – She wants to make Katie to a friendly swan. She is very wise.

Duck 1 – He does not like Katie so he does not play with her.

Duck 2 – He also does not like Katie. After Katie becomes an ugly duckling, he is the first one to comfort her.

Scene 1: In the pond

Katie: (sing loudly) I'm the most beautiful swan. La…la…la…

Duck 1: (say disagreeably) She sings again. Does she know she has sung three times?

(The other ducks swim away. Then, Fairy appears.)

Fairy: (sigh) I must teach her a lesson.

(With a magic and an incantation, Fairy turns Katie into an ugly duckling.)

Katie: (shock) What's happening? I don't believe it!

(Katie cries loudly. The other ducks see her and swim beside her.)

Duck 2: Why are you crying? Don't cry. Don't cry.

Duck 1: Are you okay? Who are you? Nice to meet you!

(The other ducks comfort Katie more and more. They do not know she is Katie. From that day on, they usually play with Katie. As time passes, Katie understands appearance is not as important as she thought. Fairy sees her notion have been changed. Therefore, she talks to Katie.)

Fairy: I see you have changed your notion. So I will turn you back into a beautiful swan.

Katie: No, thank you. I learn friendship is the most important thing for myself. I want to keep them.

(After that, Katie has many friends.)