The Princess and the Pea

晶文薈萃 十優文章

There was a lonely prince who wanted to marry a princess. However, the queen said that Prince had to find the perfectest princess in this world. Therefore, the prince decided to find his own princess but it did not work. One day, there came a beautiful princess and the prince immediately fell in love with her. The prince had finally found the princess of his dream and they lived together delightedly ever after.


Prince Simon: He is rich but lonely. He wants to marry a princess quickly.

Princess Pinana: She is a kind and polite girl.

King: He is a great leader and a great father.

Queen: She is intelligent and nice to everyone.

Princess Gina: She is an impolite and arrogant girl.

Princess Mary: She is a friend of Gina and she is also an impolite and egoistic kid.

Scene 1: In the bedroom

(Prince Simon is playing but he feels very sad.)

Simon: (worriedly) Oh! I really really want to marry a princess but...

Queen: No, you must find the most perfect princess in this world.

Simon: What does the word 'perfect' mean?

Queen: (assertively) The perfect princess must be polite, compassionate and kind. Also, she must have a special sensitivity that only a princess would have.

Scene 2: Outside

(Princess Simon decides to find his own princess. Princess Gina comes in.)

Simon: Hey! What's your name?

Gina: (excitedly) My name is Gina. You must come and stay in my castle. (When they are walking along the corridor, Gina spots a teeny-tiny speck of dust on the floor.)

Gina: (cried at one of her maid) You are as stupid as a pig. Clean it up at once.

Simon:You treat your servants unkindly and have failed the first test for a princess. (leaves angrily)

Scene 3: Outside

(Prince Simon meets Princess Mary.)

Mary: (warmly) It's a pleasure to have you here, welcome to my castle.

Simon: Okay!

(There is an orphan begging at the door.)

Mary: (yell) We've got nothing for him! Tell him to go away!

Simon: You are not a real princess. A real princess is kind to everyone (With a heavy heart, the prince returns to his castle.)

Scene 4: In the castle

(There is a terrible thunderstorm and a pretty girl comes.)

Pinana: Excuse me, I have lost my way in the storm and I'm freezing. May I stay here tonight?

King & Queen: Sure! It's okay!

(Pinana treats the servants kindly and even invites them to have dinner with her. Prince Simon falls in love by her beauty and sweetness.)

Queen: I think we shall put her to the test. Tonight we will put a small pea under the mattress. Only a princess will feel the pea there.

Scene 5: In the living room

(The next day, Princess Pinana comes down for breakfast.)

Queen: How did you sleep last night, my dear?

Pinana: I couldn't sleep well. There must have been something under the bed.

Simon: (surprise) You felt the pea! You are a real princess! Will you marry me?

Pinana: (shyly) Yes, I will.

(Prince Simon has finally found the princess of his dream and they lives together happily ever after.)