Fat Princess Polly

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Once upon a time, there was a princess called Polly. She was lovely but fat. Princess Polly was kept in an old castle by an ugly fat monster. She wanted to run away from the castle. However, she was too fat to run because she had a bad eating habit. She ate too many French fries and sweets every day. She regretted that she ate too much sugar, salt and fat, so she stopped eating junk food and exercising more every day.

Princess Polly got out of the bad eating habit. She ate healthier food such as rice, fruit and vegetables. Moreover, she exercised for an hour a day. One month later. She became slim and strong. She was so cheerful.

One day, Princess Polly had a wonderful idea. She decided to escape from the window of her room. She found a long ladder which was made of rope. Then she tied it to the window. When the monster was sleeping, she climbed down from the window. She ran, and ran, and ran very fast. The monster suddenly woke up and chased Princess Polly. It tried to catch Princess Polly but he failed because it was too fat. Princess Polly ran faster than the monster.

Eventually, she ran away from the old castle successfully. She returned to her parents and lived with them happily ever after. From then on, Princess Polly learned that a good eating habit was very important to her.