Discovering a Secret Garden

晶文薈萃 十優文章

I live in a ghost house in a village alone. People say it is a ghost house because they always heard someone laughing when they passed by. But that’s not true. Actually, there is a secret garden in the house.

When I was very young, I wanted to know where the noise came from. So I lived in it. But I did not see any ghost there.

One night, I heard someone laughing. ‘Is it a ghost?’ I asked myself excitedly.

I walked out from the house and saw something shining in the sky.

‘Who are you?’ I was scared at that moment.

Suddenly, something flew to me and said, ‘Come! Play with me!’ I puzzled what it was.

‘Hi! I’m Lily! Nice to meet you!’ a tiny pretty girl with wings said to me happily.

It was a fairy! Oh my god! It was wonderful! She was the most magical friend I had ever met.

‘I’m Leona. Are you a fairy?’ I asked her.

‘Yes, I am! Let me show you my world!’ said Lily as she waved her magic wand. Then I found that I became very small and had wings too!

‘Follow me. I’ll take you to a beautiful place,’ smiled Lily. She flew in front of me and held my hand. It was unbelievable that I could really fly in the sky.

Soon, we arrived at a place where I had never seen such a peaceful place before. I was surprised. There was a river. Some mermaids sat by the riverside. There were many fairies flying in the sky.

When they saw me, they all flew to me. They looked happy.

Lily said, ‘Welcome to Wonderland! Please don’t tell anyone that there is a secret garden here. Wonderland is the most beautiful place in the world, isn't it?’

'Yes, it is,' I replied. I was delighted that I had discovered this wonderful secret garden. I wish I could stay in it ever after.