Discovering a Secret Garden

晶文薈萃 十優文章

My friends and I like exploring in the woods near our home. We had many exciting adventures. The most unforgettable experience is the one which we discovered a secret garden.

That beautiful afternoon, the sun was shining brightly in the blue sky. My friends and I went into the woods again. We had heard that there was a haunted house in the deep woods, so we decided to find it. However, when we went into the deep woods, we lost our way. We tried our best to remember the way, but we failed.

All of us were very frightened. “Oh, no! What if we can’t find our way out! I don’t want to stay here forever!” cried Amy. Tears were running down her face. “Cheer up! I believe that we will find our way out!” comforted John, patting her shoulders gently.

We were divided into pairs by our leader, John, and went in different directions to find the way back. Amy and I walked very slowly and our bodies shook with fear. My legs felt like jelly. Amy grabbed my hand so tightly that my hand nearly lost consciousness.

Suddenly, we heard Tom screaming. “Oh! Look!” All of us hurried towards him. We were shocked by what we had seen. It was a beautiful garden full of colourful flowers. There was a huge and magnificent house behind it. It was just like a palace in the fairy tales.

At that moment, we heard some footsteps. We immediately rushed towards the footsteps excitedly. We were so delighted to see that our parents had come that we forgot all about the secret garden!

Finally, our parents took us back home safely and we were never allowed to go into the woods again.