Mum's Birthday Present

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Anna was a kind girl. Since her mother's birthday was coming, she had a brilliant idea. She wanted to buy a beautiful handbag for her mum as a birthday present. But the handbag was very expensive. It was two hundred dollars. Anna only had ten dollars saving. She was so worried about how she could buy the beautiful handbag. Anna thought, 'If I stop buying the snacks and comics, I will save enough money from my pocket money. Then I can buy the handbag for Mum.' After a week, Anna was delighted that she had two hundred dollars from her saving. So, she went to buy the handbag at Pretty Bag Shop.

On her way to the shop, she saw a poor beggar sitting on a piece of newspaper. He was a cripple and he looked sick. He had a bowl in front of him. Anna sympathized with the beggar who was very ill so she gave one hundred and seventy dollars to the beggar. The beggar was thankful for her help and said, 'Thank you very much! You are the kindest girl I have ever met before.' Anna was happy that she helped the people in need.

After that, Anna did not have enough money to buy the handbag. She wondered what she could buy for her mother since she had thirty dollars left. Finally, she went to a flower shop and bought a red rose for her mother.

After she had arrived home, she talked to her mother about the beggar at once. Anna said, 'Sorry, Mum. I was supposed to buy you a beautiful handbag, but eventually I didn't. I just bought you a red rose instead. I love you, Mum.' Anna's mum smiled at Anna and said, 'You are a kind girl. I am so proud of you. In fact, I like this red rose very much. Thank you, my honey!’ Both Anna and her mum thought that they had a meaningful day.