My Short Introduction on Japan

Japan has a lot of famous singers. They can be divided into groups or solos. For groups, there are some very popular groups like SMAP, X-Japan and more recently AKB 48. They are very popular and they have many fans. For solo singers, there are some popular artists such as Ayumi Hamazaki. She has been famous for many years.

Japan has lot of earthquakes. The recent earthquake has resulted in tsunami. Nuclear plants had been destroyed and this led to radiation. Radiation travels at a high speed. It can cause the deaths of people. The tsunami caused houses to collapse and people became homeless. Some food may disappear too. No food means no money because there is no food to sell to other countries. However, the lucky thing is other nations can help Japan. So I hope Japan won’t have earthquakes again.

Japan has lots of delicious food, for example, seafood and sushi. In Japan, sushi is common. Sushi has uncooked fish and meat so many people dislike eating it. But the Japanese feel it’s very yummy. I think so, too!