What is more important – health or wealth?

In my opinion, being healthy is more important than being wealthy. I think health is indispensable while we only need to have a sufficient amount of money for our day-to-day living. We need both health and wealth in order to live happily. There is no doubt about that. But as you can see, the necessary condition is always more important.

Health. There are so many people that really want their health back. Although they have tonnes of money, they live in pain and all the money in the world cannot stop or ease it. All they want is a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a happy life. Therefore, it is a fact that we can’t buy health with money. Today, there are still some types of diseases that have no cure. Possessing huge material wealth doesn’t always make life healthier and happier.

Will you be thinking of your money as you are having a heart attack or when a loved one is dying at this very moment? Wealth cannot buy us a new life.