Fund-raising for buying English books

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Dear Ms Chan,

I have received your e-mail and I am so excited that the school is going to hold a charity sale soon. I certainly think that holding the charity sale is the easier way to raise fund.

To raise fund through a charity sale is practical and meaningful. I suggest that we can invite students, parents and teachers to cook some food for sale in order to raise the money. Apart from these, selling some stationery items is also a possible way. It is essential for students to buy stationery for school. Furthermore, as Chinese New Year is coming soon, we can also sell some decorations. We can buy the items from the wholesale markets in Sham Shui Po as the area is famous for selling goods cheaply.

As to when and where the school should hold the charity sale, I suggest holding it at lunch time as many students prefer having lunch at school rather than going out. I am sure it can gather the most people at that time. Also, the charity sale should be held in the covered-playground because it is large enough to accommodate all the students. Besides, we could also invite some student helpers to help sell the goods. We should be able to raise least $6000 through this charity sale.

Besides having the charity sale, we could also ask some big companies, such as Popular Book Shop, for sponsorship. Apart from this, holding a hiking competition can also raise fund. In fact, there are many other ways to raise the money.

I hope my ideas can help you. All the best for a successful charity sale.

Yours sincerely,
Kitty Lee