A Spectacular Drama

晶文薈萃 十優文章

When you stepped into the theatre, you would instantly smell the sweet aroma of chocolate. It was probably milk chocolate, something that everyone loves. The chocolatey smell was to create the atmosphere for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. It had been brought from movie to stage. The crew tried to keep the original, so generally, the whole play was close enough to the film. It was still a comedy and a wonderstruck adventure and surely suits all ages of people. The play was performed last Monday night in Broadway, New York.

Willy Wonka (the founder of the Chocolate Factory) and Charlie (the little poor boy that eventually was about to inherit the factory) were leading the audience throughout the whole story. Charlie got Wonka’s chocolate bar from his grandpa on the day of his birthday. When Charlie opened the chocolate bar, he found the the golden ticket (which was the passport to get into the factory) inside the chocolate bar. It ended up that Wonka gave Charlie the factory due to his excellent behaviour. When Charlie took out the golden ticket from the chocolate bar, the sparkling ticket ignited the audience’s ambition of trying to get the ticket. They were probably hopeful, too, for Charlie, realizing that his life was about to change. At the end of the play, the atmosphere of the theatre was pushed to the climax when Wonka stated that the factory would be passed to Charlie. All the audience stood up and applauded. Everyone thought that sweet and disciplined Charlie deserved the marvellous gift.

The play was truly amazing from the cast, the costumes, the props, the lighting to the sound effects. It was almost beyond perfection. The cast were so confident all the time and they portrayed the characters well. It was like they were really the characters. What professional acting skills! The costumes were even more eye-catching than the movie version. They were fashionable instead of fancy and old-fashioned. I have heard that there were many in the audience who would like to purchase the costumes if they were for sale. The lighting was one of the tonnes of reasons why I got addicted to this play. When the story came to the breath-taking part, the lights were a glittering shimmer. It made me feel like if I were to blink, I’d miss the most awesome part. What a gorgeous visual effect! The sound effect was ten times cooler than you could imagine. The sounds really controlled the mood of the play and brought the audience along the ride.

If you ever have a chance to watch this play, you must seize the opportunity to catch it. It was superbly awesome and really worth watching!