A Birthday Present

Two weeks later would be Anna's mother's birthday. She wanted to buy a handbag for her mother because her mum's handbag was old.

The handbag was two hundred dollars. It was too expensive. She did not have enough money. She was disappointed. She decided not to buy snacks or comics books and saved the money into the piggy bank. One week later, she saved enough money to buy the handbag. She was delighted and glad.

On her way to the handbag shop, she saw a beggar who looked so pitiful and poor. She felt upset for the beggar too. Then, she went to give some food and money to him. The beggar said, "Thank you for your help."

Finally, she found that there was a discount for the pretty handbag. Then, she could buy the bag. When she returned home, her mum felt so happy because Anna did a meaningful thing. She was so delighted that Anna was a kind-hearted girl.