A Birthday Present

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Anna's mother's birthday was coming. Anna wanted to give her mother a big surprise. Since Anna's mother's handbag was very old, Anna planned to buy a new and beautiful handbag for her mother as a birthday present.

Anna walked around in a department store. She saw a big red handbag. Anna thought that her mother would like it very much because red was her mother's favourite colour. It cost two hundred dollars. Disappointedly, Anna did not have enough money.

Anna decided to save her pocket money until she had enough money to buy the handbag. Since then, she stopped buying any snacks or comics. Two months later, Anna had enough saving to buy the present. She went to the department store excitedly.

On her way, she saw a beggar in the street. He looked weak and poor. He seemed very hungry, so Anna used her money to buy food for him. The beggar looked at Anna happily and said, "You are so kind, little girl. Thank you very much!" After Anna helped the beggar, she could not buy the handbag anymore. Suddenly, she had a brilliant idea. She bought a cake and drew a card for her mother. She told her mother about the beggar.

Anna's mother liked the card so much and she shared the cake with the family. She said proudly, "My lovely daughter is a helpful girl. Her heart is full of love. She did very well." Anna was excited. She felt that helping needy people was extremely meaningful.