A Letter to a Friend

Dear Nathan,

I am sorry to know that you are overweight and had a cold. I believed you can lose weight and recover from your illness. Here are some suggestions. I hope these suggestions can help you and you will be better.

First, you should see a doctor and take medicine regularly. Then you have to take more rest and drink more water because this can help you recover from your illness.

Next, when you recover from your illness, you should eat more greens and fruits. Then, you should not eat unhealthy food and do not drink soft drinks either. Also, you have to eat less oily or salty food. I know you love sweet things, so you should eat less sweet things. I know you don’t like eating meat but eating enough meat is good because meat gives you protein and helps you grow.

Then, I know you are so lazy and do not want to do any exercise but doing exercise is so important. You have to set a timetable for exercising. Doing exercise will make you stronger and healthier.

I’m sure you can recover from your illness if you follow my suggestions. If you recover, you have to send your beautiful photos to me and you can come to Hong Kong to visit me. I will take you to visit many interesting places too.

Please write soon!