A Reply Letter to a Friend

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Dear Nathan,

I am sorry to hear that you don't feel well and you have a cold. I hope you will get well soon.

I think of some ideas for you. First, you need to see a doctor. You also need to take medicine and take some good rest. In addition, you need to drink more water. Water is very good for our health. You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. If you have a fever, you should not go to school. Next, you ought to cover your mouth when you sneeze so that you will not pass the viruses to your family and friends.

Moreover, remember to wash your hands with soap so that you can wash away the dirt. Hygiene is very important. Finally, you need to go to bed early. It helps you to have a speedy recovery.

To keep ourselves healthy, we should do more exercise. I usually do exercise with my daddy on Sundays. We enjoy doing sports very much, such as running, riding a bicycle, playing badminton and swimming. After you have recovered from the sickness, we may do sports together. Furthermore, healthy eating habits are also vital. We should eat enough fruit and vegetables such as apples, oranges and carrots. They have many kinds of vitamins.

My parents and I have regular check-ups at clinics every year. I think you also need it.

Get well soon.

Best wishes,