A Scary Day

It was the hottest morning in July. My mum took us to the beach. One day, Mum said, “Let’s go to the beach because it’s very hot today.” Sam and I said, “Sure! Mum.” We brought some water, food and sun block cream. We went there by bus and we are very excited. We went there quickly. Mum said, “Let’s sit there, my sons.” After that, Sam and I saw many children who were swimming happily. So we went to swim too.

Suddenly, a big wave came. The wave was so strong that Sam was being washed away. Sam’s leg hit a rock. He shouted, “Help!!!” Soon, I went to help Sam. I was very worried about him. I shouted loudly, “Help! Someone help us!”

Finally, someone called the police. After a while, a man wearing a red T-shirt came to us. He sent Sam to the hospital. Luckily, Sam is saved.

At last, they went home happily.