Flag-Selling Day

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Dorothy and Ken were the members of school’s Social Service Club. One Saturday morning, they sold flags for charity. They sold flags to the pedestrians on the pavement. After they sold flags, they felt hungry. So, they carried their flag bags to McDonald’s and had lunch.

When they were having lunch, they put their flag bags near them. When they finished their lunch, they found that their flag bags disappeared.

They were shocked and started to cry. They went to the nearest police station to report to the police officers. They took the police to the McDonald’s where they had lunch and asked the manager to see the camera. The police officer saw a fat man stealing their flag bags and rushed to the toilet. The police officer went to the toilet to catch that thief and returned the flag bags to them. They thanked the police officer and returned the flag bags to the charity.