My Dream

In my dream, I was a chef Tung and I was taking part in the 21st Hong Kong cooking competition. I was preparing some ingredients, for example beef, carrots, mushroom sauce and green peas.

Chef Kwok and another chef were in the competition with me. First, I put a slice of beef in the frying pan. Next, I added some mushroom sauce in the frying pan.

Later, I put the beef, carrots and green peas on the plate. When I was putting some mushroom sauce, I hurt my hand. I felt nervous and painful but the two helpful chefs helped me pour some mushroom sauce on the plate, washed the wound and put the bandage on my hand.

In the end, I felt very thankful so I said thank you to the two chefs. The judge announced in 21st Hong Kong cooking competition and the winner is chef Kwok. Although I didn’t win I was also very happy.