Traditional vs. Western Culture

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Theme: Lifestyle

Culture is an important element in our life. It is a combination of people’s habits and customs. Usually, culture can represent people of the region. Every group of people has their own culture that can represent their lifestyle. They are all unique and different from place to place. For example, Chinese new year is a unique culture of China.

All in all, culture is a thing that is a symbol of a place.

In my opinion, nowadays, Chinese and western culture are combined together. People emphasized the advantages of globalization like a more convenient life and economic development. We get closer to western culture. It is not difficult to see a thing that contains both Chinese and western culture. They can be illustrated by the following examples.

Kung Fu Panda

Do you remember that there is an animation called ‘Kung Fu Panda’? It is undoubtedly a good film which is incredibly entertaining. To be honest, I am its big fan. Panda is obviously the symbol of China. However, this film is a 100 percent American production. Of course it contains lots of American values like self-belief and duty. Surprisingly, there are also some traditional Chinese value such as humanity and respect for teacher. Those different cultures are now combined very well.

So, I think Chinese and western culture can be a friend but not a sworn enemy. They can mix together and become better than ever before.

Delicious rice burger

Rice burger is a delicious food which also represents the combination of Chinese and western culture. As people know, rice is symbolic of China and burger is the most popular food in western. Maybe someone would say ‘what is it? It looks weird. I won’t try it anyway.’ However, after one bite, I am sure they will drool over it.

Maybe someone think that those totally different cultures are independent and are impossible to mix together.

However, ironically, it really did. Rice burger is an excellent example that shows the perfect combination of the two different cultures. Sometimes they won’t reject each other but work together and come out marvelous.

East meets west wedding party

Wedding party is a common ceremony that you and me should join it at least once in a life-time. Nowadays, most of the wedding party is an ‘east meets west’ party. The couple are wearing western suit and giving out red packets. This is a very usual occasion but have you ever noticed that the mix of western and Chinese culture have already surrounded you? Maybe it is too common to see such thing so you didn’t notice how great they are.

The miracle of Chinese and western combination is already around you. Just be careful of everything around you and you will find out that this is already an ‘east meets west’ world.