Letter of Advice on Dating Problems

Dear Maria,

Thank you for your letter. I'm very sorry to hear of your problems and I hope I can give you some helpful advice.

You said that you met a boy on the Internet and he was nice. However, he recently stopped taking drugs. He told you that he was a drug addict. He was used to taking Ketamine.

You are right that he is honest. So even if you two can't be a couple, you could be good friends.

Yesterday, he arranged a date with you on the Internet. You will meet up in the country park at weekend. Nevertheless, you are asked to meet him alone at 10:00 p.m. It is very dangerous to do so. If I were you, I would not accept his invitation. You should know it is very easy to fall victim to online dating. You could be cheated. According to statistics, online dating might turn out to be theft, rape or even death. To play safe, you had better meet him in day time together with your family or friends.

Besides, he told you he was a boy but he could be a girl! Online misrepresentation is also very common. Please be very careful.

I hope this advice is valuable and helpful to you. Please write to me again if you need more help.

Best wishes,