Mrs. Smith of Our School

Mrs. Smith, who has taught for 30 years, decided to retire next month.

Being one of her students, I could clearly remember her appearance and lessons. Mrs. Smith is short, only 155cm tall. She is also round. She always wears a big and thick coat to cover up her face. She is a mysterious-looking old woman. She is clumsy. For me, she isn't mean and strict, but talks very casual and kind. She has curly hair, that made a funny hairstyle. We feel that she is our grandma. She is so cute.

Mrs. Smith was famous for her kindness, which she didn't mind students playing tricks on her. Therefore, she is loved by everyone as she is a little bit clumsy. She always needs students' helps that no gap between us. Moreover, she is good at organizing outdoors activities, such as interview and tour.

Outside classrooms, she likes getting along with students. She likes to make fun of students. We don't have to mind what we said or our attitude. She is respected as a grandma. She knows how to lead us and catch our attention.

She had a big impact to my life. She cares about students' thoughts and dreams more than their academic results. She told me to insist on my dream. Without dreams, everyone is worthless. Now, succeeded and am well- being for my career as on her words.