Life without Limits

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Writing a blog entry about a famous person

Do you know who Nicholas James Vujicic is? Have you imagined how you would cope with the challenge if you were born without any limbs? An otherwise healthy baby was born on 4th December, 1982. His name is Nicholas James Vujicic. His nationality is Australian. He got married with his wife, Kanae Miyahara in February, 2012. On 13th February, 2013, their son Kiyoshi James Vujicic was born.

In my opinion, I think Nick Vujicic is such an ambitions person who uses his life to motivate and encourage other people by giving a lots of speeches and talks. Also, I think he is so optimistic that he can overcome all the challenges in life, such as looking after himself and using computers. Even though he was laughed at and bulled by his classmates, he did not give up.

When he was young, his naughty classmates bullied and laughed at him for his limbless disability. He felt so upset and he wanted to kill himself by drowning himself in the bathtub when he was eight. Luckily, he did not die. This event has completely changed his attitude towards his life because his parents looked so worried after the incident. From that time, he started to treasure what he had and be thankful. When he got older, he started working for a lots of charitable organizations to raise money for the disabled such as the blind.

"It's a lie that you are not good enough," he said. We should never give up our life. Every human being is useful. Nick uses his life experience to inspire others. Therefore, we should not give up our life easily.