The Most Laughable Gift for my Brother

晶文薈萃 十優文章

My brother's birthday is coming. Every family member had a gift for him, except me. I thought all month about what to give my brother, Tony. I wanted to give him the most laughable gift ever.

What could I get Tony? I asked God in my prayer. Suddenly, I heard God's voice from the sky, "Elaine, I'm so proud of you. What I have a caring daughter! Well, the most laughable gift is one that come from the heart."

'What kind of laughable gift could I make from the heart?" I thought hard. Then, I have a brilliant idea. That would be the most laughable gift in the universe.

First, I found a gift box and glued a spring in the center of it. Then, I put a lot of cream on a plate. After that, I pasted it up on the spring. Later, I tied the gift box with ribbon.

On Tony's birthday, I gave the gift to him. When he opened it, the cream was splashed on his face. He wanted to punch me, but he could not do it because his hands were sticked on the box. Everyone laughed happily, but he felt very angry.