Po's First Adventure

One day, Po found a note, it said "If you are the first one to arrive at Kung Fu Tower's top, you will win one million dollars and China's famous Cha Shao Bun." These are the directions:

1. Walk through the Happy Market.

2. Walk along Bayer Road.

3. When you see the Boat Station, row a boat to Kung Fu Island.

4. When you see a 'K' letter, jump off the boat and walk along Display Street.

5. When you see a river, cross the river and walk straight ahead.

6. Go up 60,000 steps to go to the top.

Po was excited and quickly started his adventure. He walked from Bayer Road to the Boat Station. He borrowed a boat and he rowed as fast as he could.

Po arrived at Kung Fu Island. He walked along Display Street. He saw so many beautiful girls. The girls loved Po and chased after him. Po was scared and ran to cross the river. He swam across the river. The girls could not swim. So they only waited for him.

Po ran upstairs, but he was really tired. He made use of his Kung Fu to fly up to the top.

At last, he won the race. He shared his prizes with his friends.