Helena's Adventure

Helena's friends talked excitedly about the Big Race. "You must follow the directions to get the diamond in the jewelry shop. If you are the first one to get the diamond, it will be yours." Helena was excited. She joined the race with her friends.

Helena's father gave her a note with these directions:

1. When you reach Happy Shopping Centre, get off the bus.

2. Go to the entrance.

3. Walk along and turn right near the optician.

4. The jewelry shop is on your left.

5. You must go in and find the diamond.

6. If you find the diamond, it is yours.

Helena got on the bus, she read the note along the way. She saw a big Happy Shopping Centre billboard on her left. She ran to the entrance. She turned right near the optician and went into the jewelry shop. She searched all the corners. However, she didn't find the diamond. Suddenly, she saw something shining. It was a diamond! She got the diamond. She was very happy.

Her parents were there. They were so excited. They held a party at their home. Helena invited all her friends to the party.