Brocket’s Adventure

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Little Brocket had lots of friends. He always played with Bunny, his best friend.

One day, Bunny asked Brocket, "Do you remember the race of going to Maxim's Bakery?" "Yes! You ate the little chocolate moon which the competitors looked for, so no one won," Brocket replied.

Bunny smiled, then said, "Yesterday, my father gave me a note to join a race. But I thought that the race would be dangerous, so I told my dad that I would not join the race. Today, when we are eating the breakfast, my father asked me to find someone to join this race. Do you want to join it?"

"You said it would be dangerous," asked Brocket, "But how did you know?" Bunny told him that in this race, the competitors must go to the Vampire Castle to find a book called "A Vampire". If somebody was the first one who took the book to the Dior Park, he would win twenty notebooks. "I know it is dangerous because the 'Vampire Castle' is a terrible place. Many people went there but no one came back! And many people said they saw a vampire at the full moon night!"

Brocket loved taking risks very much. How could he desert this good chance to take an adventure? So he joined the race, the staff gave him a note with these directions:


1. Take the MTR from Lam Tin to Have Breath.

2. Get out of the MTR Station. Then you will reach Ka Ha Food Shop.

3. Get out of from the Ka Ha Food Shop.

4. Walk along Liam Road and stop in front of Hi Hello Road.

5. Walk along Hi Hello Road and walk past the Bakery.

6. Turn right to the pedestrian crossing.

7. Cross the pedestrian crossing and Ah Ha Road.

8. You will see the Vampire Castle.

9. The prize winner is the first to reach the Dior Park with the book "A Vampire".

That's all. Thank You!

Brocket looked at Bunny. "I'm a rabbit, how can I take an MTR to Have Breath?" However, Brocket still started his adventure.

He went to Lam Tin and got on the MTR. He jumped down from the MTR when the MTR reached Have Breath. Then, he discovered that he was in a big Fruit Shop but he couldn't find any exit. Brocket felt so worried, but he was still looking for the exit. Brocket was afraid to ask the people because they looked cool at all.

At this moment, Brocket saw a sign.

Brocket thought that it was the exit. He didn't know what the meaning of the words on the sign was.

He followed the sign but he just saw three men waiting outside a door. Brocket knew that it was the lift. But why the exit was a lift? Very luckily, he saw a sign again.

"Ahab," Brocket thought excitedly, "This sign just have two arrows; maybe it was the exit sign. But... why is there a sentence 'To the Book Shop'? Mm... It doesn't matter. Anyway I must be right."

So Brocket followed the sign. He turned and turned again, but at last he found a book shop.

Brocket suddenly saw a book named 'A Vampire' book on the bookcase. Brocket felt excited, so he took the book and ran out from the bookshop.

"Oh no! Catch the rabbit thief!" The shopkeeper shouted, and everyone who heard all ran to Brocket to catch him.

Brocket felt scared. I just followed the race's rules. Why did you say that I was a 'rabbit thief'? He was so scared that he would become a criminal, so he threw the book on the floor. Then he ran quickly.

When Brocket felt that a wind passing by, he discovered that he was on Liam road. Brocket felt excited again, and he took out the note and followed the directions to get to the Castle.

Brocket changed his direction and now he was on the Day Day Road. After walking for three minutes, he saw the bakery. So he walked past just like what the note said. After that, he turned right at the pedestrian crossing. Brocket crossed the Ah Ha Road and now he was in front of the Vampire Castle.

Brocket felt very, very excited. He quickly ran in and looked for the book carefully.

Suddenly, he saw a skeleton looking at him in the dark and murky corner!




Brocket screamed loudly. He could hear two voices from his back!

Brocket felt very scared!

Who are they?

Brocket just picked up the book which was on the floor, and ran outside quickly!

When Brocket could enjoy the sunshine again, he cried loudly.

Brocket ran to Dior Park, and gave this 'A Vampire' book to the judge.

The judge clapped his hands loudly unexpectedly!

"You're very brave, little rabbit," said the judge, "You did it! You win! You're the hero, the champion!"

Everyone in the park hailed loudly,

"Little rabbit, our hero! Yeah!"

Suddenly Brocket discovered that Bunny was here too! Brocket shouted,

"Hey my own true friend! I'll share my prize with you!"

Everyone hailed again,

"Hero, hero, our hero!"

"Brave hero, brave hero, our brave hero!"

Oh! It was a wonderful day to Bunny and Brocket!