Stitch’s First Adventure

One day, Stitch saw a notice on a tree. The notice wrote, “Today, there will be a race on the island. The goal is to collect four pieces of chocolate pizzas. If you complete the mission first, you will win one hundred moon cakes and some French fries.” Then, Stitch found some directions on the ground:

Where to go

1. First, you must go to Happy Sea.

2. Then, you will see a boat on your left.

3. After that, you row the boat to Car Island and go onto the island.

4. Next, cross the bridge and walk past two rocks, which look like parrots.

5. Walk until you see a cave near the “X” and go through the cave.

6. Then, you may find four chocolate pizzas in the garden.

7. When you find four pizzas, turn to the east and walk straight ahead to the finish point.

Stitch remembered all the directions and followed it. After he found four chocolate pizzas, he ran as fast as he could to the finish point. Finally, he won the race. The sponsor and the people clapped their hands for Stitch.