My First Adventure

晶文薈萃 十優文章

One day, I saw a piece of paper at the Science Museum’s entrance. The paper was a poster. The poster showed that if there was somebody who was the first one there and found the Golden Book, he would win a three-hundred-dollar coupon. “I was excited for the race.” I said. Then I joined the race with my friends. I followed the instructions to go to the Book Shop and found the Golden Book:

1. First, cross the road and turn left. You will arrive at the entrance of Sheung Tak Shopping Centre.

2. Then, walk past the Restaurant and turn left.

3. Walk straight ahead 10 steps.

4. You will see the Book Shop on your left.

Then, I went inside. However, my eye sight was very weak. I could not see the Golden Book. Suddenly, a girl entered the Book Shop and took the book away. Then she went to the cashier to redeem the prize.

I was very sad. Then, the prize winner shared the prize with me. I was very happy.