Going to Noah's Ark

Today, our school went to Noah’s Ark which is the exact size in the bible. It’s 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high.

This morning, we went to school at 8 o’clock. Then, we went on the coach and arrived there at half-past nine. Our class played three games. The games were so fun.

The first game we played was climbing rope. It was dangerous but we didn’t feel scared. My partner was Jasmine. She helped me a lot. In this game, we learnt how to cooperate.

I felt excited when I played the second game. In this game, you needed to wear a raincoat and go into to a room. The room had four ropes. You needed to pull one and it would fall some water or balls! Everyone in our class felt very excited.

The third game is my favourite - drawing. We were divided into four teams. One member went out and read a picture secretly. Then, they described it to us but we couldn’t say any words. We also needed to draw out the picture. Although it was difficult, we all liked it.

This Friday, we learnt a lot of things such as how to help people in difficult time and cooperation. I hope we can go there again next year with my parents.