Going to Noah's Ark

Today, I went to Noah’s Ark with all my classmates. Why do we need to go to Noah’s Ark? It is because our cross-curriculum activity topic of this year is about Noah’s Ark.

When we arrived there, I felt very happy and excited. First we played on the rope courses, I felt a little bit scared. Then we went to Ark Life Education House. I like the game “Trouble is coming”, because we didn’t know what things would fall down. Next, we ate lunch together in a very big basketball court. After that, we went to Treasure House, we played many games there.

I thought the special thing is Life Saver, because we needed to close our eyes and did many things, including to draw a heart on the other’s faces and hands.

Finally, I learnt more about Noah built the Ark. During the whole day, I felt very happy. I wanted to go to Noah’s Ark again because there are many interesting things there, so I want to go to Noah’s Ark again.