Going to Noah's Ark

Today, I went to Noah’s Ark with my classmates and teachers. We were very happy.

When we arrived there, we took part in rope course adventure. We played it after we listened to a man telling us the story about Noah. I was a little disappointed because I couldn’t play one of the games that I wanted to play very much.

Next, we went to a museum that the name was “Ark Life Education House”. We had a lot of fun there. I liked the “Building a Building”. There were Fiona, Jasmine, Lisa, Valerie, Gloria, Maggie and me in my group. Harriel and I needed to pick the paper to give the group members. It’s very exciting.

Then, we had our lunch in a basketball court. We all ate happily. The rice was all eaten by me.

Finally, we went to the other museum named “Treasure House”. We played a lot of games there. I liked this activity most.

We all felt very happy because we can learn the Bible more. I felt very happy, too.