An Interesting Story

Tonight, I stayed at home, but I felt the moon was very sad, so I talked to her.

I sat on my bed, and she flew to my room. I asked “Why do you feel sad?” She answered me, “The people are very bad. They always take my photos, but do not take my smiling face.”

I felt some strange, so I asked “Okay, what can I help you?” “Can you tell everyone to count ONE, TWO, THREE before taking photos with me?” she said.

“What can I do to ask everyone to do this?” I thought. “Yes, I can use the computer to tell everyone!”

I used my computer to make an internet link. “If you want to take photos with the moon, you must say ONE, TWO, THREE. If you do not do it, you will DIE!”

After a minute, I saw many people clicked and answered my link.

After one week, I saw the moon was very happy. So I asked “why do you feel happy?” “Because the people count ONE, TWO, THREE before taking photos with me. The photos have my smiley face. Now, I smile for them. See you!” She flew to the sky happily.

Then, I slept quickly...