An Interesting Story

Once upon a time, there was a lion named Wing. It lived in the forest. There was a castle next to the forest. One day, the prince in the castle came to the forest. He saw Wing and shot it. Wing was hurt. It couldn’t move. The prince said, “take it to the castle!” Then, the prince went back to the castle.

When they came back to the castle, Wing woke up. It tried to escape the castle. The prince went out because he was scared by Wing. They put Wing into a big cage and went out. Suddenly, Wing could speak. It said, “No! Don’t’ kill me,” the prince said. “Why can you speak?” Wing said. “I don’t know, but please don’t kill me. I am your king!” The prince said “you are my father? I can’t believe!” Wing said “I was turned to be a lion because a magician used the magic on me! If you can kill the magician, I will turn back to be your father!”

Then, the prince went to the magician’s home. The magician used the magic and turned the knight to be a frog. When the magician wanted to use the magic again on the prince, the prince killed him. At the end, all the animals turned back to human.