An Interesting Story

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom called Catronamy. In Catronamy there lived a king, a queen and a princess. The princess was beautiful. She was smart, kind, hard-working and rich. But she was bored of her life. Her name was Patricia. She did the same things every day. In the morning, she learnt how to speak in different languages. Next, she learnt how to ride a horse. Then, she needed to make her own dress. Finally, she went to bed at eight o’clock.

One day, when she was learning to ride a horse. She climbed on her horse and went to the old witch. She said to the witch, “Oh witch, please can you make me not bored? I’ll do anything for you!” “Well, there is a portal there, but you have to work. You have to make dresses for the people there. That is the future. Here is a potion. If you want to come back, drink it,” said the witch. “Goodbye!” Patricia stepped into the portal and went to a shop. She was wearing different clothes and she worked at the shop.

She was happy at first, but became bored again. One day, a man came. He said “you look familiar. Aren’t you, Princess Patricia?” “Shh!” Patricia pulled her in the shop’s café. “Who are you and why are you here?” Patricia asked “I’m the king’s trusty knight. After you ran to the witch, your father ordered me to look for you. They are very sick. Here look at this.”

The knight got a mirror and Patricia looked at it. She saw her parents were very ill and they were screaming her name. “I’ve been looking for you for almost a year! Your parents were ill for a year, too. Go home Princess Patricia,” said the knight. “Alright!” said Princess Patricia. She drank the potion the witch gave her.

“Father, Mother, I’m here!” shouted Patricia. “Oh Patricia, never run away from home again. You can do whatever you want but don’t run away!” cried her mother.

Her parents were healthy again and they lived happily ever after.