Escape From the Mars

One morning on my way to school, I found two aliens on the tree. I wanted to catch the aliens, but they threw a web and kidnapped me. They brought me into their spaceship. Then the aliens started the spaceship and flew to a planet: I found one of the rooms in the spaceship. There was a big window. So I wanted to see where we would go. I just saw the Mars and the two aliens were Martians. I felt scared. When I thought how I could go back to Earth, one of the Martians came in and used their limited and curious-sounding English talked to me. “My name is Jegf and he is my friend. He is called Qppf. We are the astronauts form the Mars. Our people want to catch the Earth’s creatures for our research.”

Soon, the spaceship landed on Mars. Many Martians looked at me and took me some photos. After that, Jegf took me into a jail. They chained me and locked me up. I used my knife and the scissors to cut off the chain. There was a pterosaur next to me. He was chained to a tree. “Can you help me?” asked the pterosaur. “No problem! But you need to help me,” I said.

“Okay!’” answered the pterosaur.

I cut off the chain and said, “I want to go back to Earth.”

“Sorry!” muttered the pterosaur. “I am hungry, I want to eat you.” “What?” I yelled.

I ran off the jail and shouted “Help! Help! ...” But all of the Martians took the web and chased after me.

Finally, I saw a shop called “Galaxy Train Station, Mars to all planets.”

“Oh yes!” I yelled. I went into the train station and bought the ticket back to the Earth happily.