Date: 2nd February, 2011

Weather: cool, cold

Dear Diary,

I was very happy because of the shopping trip. I usually have shopping on every 2nd and 20th days.

I like to go shopping in Japan department store on these days because of the 5% discounts. Today I went with my mum, sister.

We bought jeans, T shirt and sport shoes. I bought a school bag for my sister, a tie for my dad, an earring for my mum for the coming of Chinese New Year.

When we were shopping, I saw a girl was crying. Oh ! She lost her mum. I helped her to find her careless mother was crying loudly at that moment. I felt very happy and proud as I helped the girl find her mum.

Also the saleslady was very nice and helpful. She carefully helped us find the right jeans when we could not find the good ones. I thanked her after we bought all the things we need.

I finished the shopping trip at night time.

Anyway, everything’s all over and it‘s getting late. Talk to you later.