Jeff and Rebecca‘s First Soup

It was a cold Saturday afternoon. Jeff wanted to make a chicken soup. Rebecca and Jeff liked to put all the ingredients in the soup, such as chicken, ham, mushroom and meat.

First, they chopped the ingredients into a bowl. Next they poured the water for fifteen minutes. After that they poured the hot water in the saucepan and then put all the ingredients into the saucepan. Then they mixed it together with a spoon.

After half an hour, they added some salt in the soup. Jeff tasted the soup first. He felt the soup was not spicy enough, so Jeff put some pepper in it. Next Rebecca tasted the soup. She found the soup was too spicy for her. Then she added some water into Jeff’s bowl, and half into her bowl. So Jeff could put more pepper into his soup then.

But after they finished the soup, they found that the kitchen was messier than before, so they cleaned up the kitchen for one hour.