A Trouble Spicy Soup

Jeff took the cabbage, carrot, onion and potato to the sink and said,”We can make a vegetable soup although I don’t know how to cook. We can try!”

First, they washed the vegetable. Then they peeled the food and cut the food into pieces and put them in a bowl. Suddenly, they found they forgot to boil the water, so they quickly boiled some water with an electric cooker. After that they fried the onion and put all the vegetables in the electric cooker. Finally, they cooked the soup for two hours and they wanted to add some salt to the soup. But they could not identify the salt and sugar, so they added both the sugar and salt. They also added some chillies because Jeff also wanted to make a spicy soup.

When they finished the soup, the kitchen was in a mess. Jeff would have a trouble.

At last, Jeff’s parents went home but they did not clean up the kitchen yet. Jeff’s parents were very angry because the kitchen was in mess and they ordered Jeff and Rebecca to clean up the kitchen. Then they drank the soup together. Although it tasted salty, they liked the soup.