The Adventure in Space

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Anson, his brother, Vincent and Mary were playing cheerfully in the garden outside their house. Suddenly, they heard someone crying sorrowfully. Anson walked near the sound and found a beautiful woman sitting on a bench and crying. “Why are you crying?” The woman didn’t answer. She was crying.

A few minutes later, she started speaking, “Oh, children! I am such a poor woman. My father, my younger brother and my son all become the bondmen of the wicked witch. I want to die!” “How can we help you?” asked Vincent. “You must go to the black castle in the space. There, you can find the black knife. Only it can kill the witch. But no one has gone there before and I can’t give you any of the directions. So, you can’t help me.” said the woman disappointedly. “Maybe we can have a nice try.” said Mary. “Oh yes.” said Anson. “OK! I will take you to my house and let you ride on my spaceship.” the woman uttered.

The children followed the woman. They turned right and walked ahead sixty steps. They arrived at a big house. She led them down the very long stairs and turned left. They walked along a subway. Then, they saw a dark and dusty room. She asked them to go inside. There was a spaceship. The woman told them, “It is my spaceship. Ride on it and I hope you can come back soon.” The children rode on the spaceship and started their trip to the space.

They saw many stars shining in the sky. It was so beauteous. Then, they saw a blue, sparkling heavenly body. The spaceship landed on it. The children went out and saw some bright and glittering flowers. Mary picked a bunch of flowers and praised that they were so beautiful. Anson asked an ET, “Can you speak English?” “Of course” said the ET. “Can you take me to the theme park of your heavenly body?” “You mean ‘Forest Park’?” “Oh yes!” The alien took him to the park.

They turned left and walked straight ahead one thousand steps. They walked though a path and over the hills. Soon, they reached the park. It was so hot there. No air conditionings, no fans, nor a cup of water. Anson walked in the forest (park) for one hour. He was very tired, thirsty and hungry. He found some water in a river and some mushroom under a tree. He ate all the food. However, he felt very sick. Oh no! The food and water were poisonous. Then, he fainted. An ugly eagle took him to a cliff. When he was going to fall into the cliff. Mary, his best elder sister saw him and saved him. They went back to the spaceship. Anson vomited all the things and he was fine now.

They saw a golden, comely heavenly body. “What’s that?” Anson pointed to this heavenly body. “Oh! Silly little baby, it’s Venus.” said Mary. “Oh! Great!” Said Vincent. They came to Venus. “It’s too hot! It’s even hotter than Melon.” grumbled Anson. “Oh! Baby brother, it’s Mercury, not the Melon. Dummy!” mocked Mary. Vincent met a very tall giant. He asked the giant, “Can you show us around?” But the giant only spoke some strange language, “*()(&&^%$$%%%.” “What is he saying?” Vincent asked Mary.

“I know. He is saying Anson is a dummy.” “No, he is saying Anson is a fat pig.” “Mary is an ugly monster.” “Don’t quarrel. Look! The giant pointed to a small boy. He is saying something.” The small boy said, “My father says that we can go to Dead Park. Come with me.” The children followed the boy. They turned left and walked for an hour. Anson almost became some roast pork. They saw a lot of signs on their right. They followed the signs and saw a Dead Park sign. Inside there were lots of skeletons, ghosts and vampires. Anson picked up one skeleton. Mary saw a big bloodsucker and she ran away quickly and dashed into the spaceship. She was very scared.

Their spaceship then flew to Mars. Mars was a very cold heavenly body. When they arrived the heavenly body, Anson caught a cold. He had a fever. “I think you must go back to the spaceship,” said Vincent. Anson left. Mary and Vincent walked through the snow. They were very bored. Suddenly, they found a piece of paper on the ice.

Dear everybody,

Our ice shopping mall will open at seven o’clock today. You must follow the directions to get there. First, turn left and walk along twenty steps. Follow the signs beside you. If you see the ice bank sign, turn right. Walk along the street and turn right near the hot tea shop. Walk until you see the subway. Down the subway and then up again. Walk ahead twenty steps. When you see a high mountain, climb up the mountain, then you will see the mall.


“Maybe we can have a look.” said Mary. “You mean going to the mall?” asked Vincent. “Oh yes!” They followed the directions on the paper. At last, they reached the mountain. The top of the mountain was...was not the mall, it was the black castle! They ran into the castle and found everywhere of the castle. However, they could not find the knife! Did they find the knife at the end? Or should the woman’s father, brother and son be the witch’s bondmen forever? “Wake up, Angela. It’s time to go to school.” My mother woke me up. Alas, I could not know the dream’s ending. I am so sorry.


You are such a creative writer. I like your story very much as the plots are well-developed. The ending is really fun!

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