晶文薈萃 十優文章

Do you believe in ghost?

In a big black house, there lives a boy called Sam. He always sits in front of the piano and writes a lot of songs. Also he is straight, smart and shy. "Who is playing the piano? The sound of the piano is as charming as a magic," a girl standing next to the house whispered. However, he has a secret that no one knows.

Three weeks later, Sam is walking in a school corridor. Sam has entered the university now. For his school life, he always stays in the music room. Now he is going to the music room but he hears a lovely voice from the room. Sam looks into the room through the window and sees a slim girl singing a song. The girl does not see him as Sam leaves quickly.

When Sam comes to the classroom, he sees the girl. They are in the same class. Sam is very happy to know that and want to talk with her. However the teacher comes in. He sits in the seat and looks at her. He knows the girl is Anna now. In the rest time, Anna walks to Sam and says, "I heard you're good at playing the piano. I love playing the piano too. Can you teach me?" "Ah! I…I've time," said Sam shyly. Then they often stay together after school and talk about music. Later, they are in love with each other. They are very happy.

At the same time, Sam is worried too. He should not fall in love with Anna as he has a secret - he is a ghost! Sam does not want to leave Anna but he will put her in danger if he does not leave her. He can't give any happiness in the future! Besides that, Anna is thinking about Sam. She hears his music is nervous when Sam looks at her.

Anna calls out Sam as she wants to talk with him. That day, the sky is crying. Sam sees Anna in the pavilion. "My mother wants to see you. Can you go with me?" says Anna hopefully. "I can't go. I can't love you!" says Sam sadly. "Why? What are you thinking? Don't you believe me?" Anna cried. Sam is afraid of her tears. He does not want Anna cried. Then Sam tells everything. When she knows it, she says seriously. "I'll not regret that I love you. No matter whether you're a ghost or human!" Anna falls down suddenly and Sam takes her to home. "Bye, Anna. You'll find your true love."

The next day, Anna forgets anything about Sam but she feels upset when she is playing the piano. She always sees a shy boy in her dream but she can't see his face. Sam always thinks about Anna when he sits in front of the piano. He always hears a lovely voice singing sits next to him.