A special encounter with a famous person

晶文薈萃 十優文章

That year, I was 27 years old. I have opened a shop, it named 'Famous'. It sold some well-known clothes and shoes. It was situated in Causeway Bay. One day, I saw several men wearing black suits and went into my shop. Among them, there was a youth in their middle. Presently, I saw many people hold the camera outside my shop.

"Oh my god! Who is he? J……Justin Bieber," I said surprisingly. I walked toward him immediately. "Excuse me, what can I help you?" I asked. "I want to buy some shoes for my vocal recital but I don't know what kinds of shoes for me," said Justin. "Um….maybe they fit for you because they aren't too old fashioned. They are fit for the youth," I said. When I talked with him, I got some pairs of shoes for him. "Wow they are very fit for me. They…..ey cost 20 million." "OK, no problem. Help me pack them up. Thank you!" When he was paying for the shoes, he asked me, "Can you give your number to me?" I was very surprised but I also replied him one word, "why?" "U……nothing, I want to invite you to my vocal recital?" he said. "Maybe you can add my Facebook," I said. Before he left, I got a piece of paper and wrote down my e-mail address to him. He also gave a ticket to me from his bag.

Until his vocal recital day, I was much hesitated. I kept asking myself, "should I go or not?" In the course of time, I decided to go. When I arrived, I saw some men wearing black suits again and they were walking toward me. "Excuse me lady, are you Carey Wan?" they asked. "Yes, I'm, what happened?" I replied. They told me Justin invited me to the backstage. Then I followed them and went to the backstage. When I saw Justin, he asked me immediately, "do you want to take part in my show?" "Take….part? how do you want me to take part?" I asked. "Very easy, you just need to sit on the chair, and I will give you a flower when I am singing," he replied. "OK, I will try," I said.

After the show, he invited me to have dinner secretly because we didn't want to let anyone find out those especially the paparazzi reporters. Unlikely, the reporters found us. Then he could only leave. After I returned to home, I switched on my computer and checked my Facebook. I saw Justin sent a message to me. There was only one word "Sorry!"

Since then, he has never emerged again even if I told him I have forgiven him.