A special box

One day, while Brenda was going back home, she saw a box next to the rubbish bin. Then, she heard an unusual sound. She found that very unbelievable.

Brenda went towards and picked up the box. Then, she opened the box. She was so surprised because she saw a puppy in the box. It looked so pitiful. She immediately called her father to ask for advice. 'I see a puppy in a box next to the rubbish bin. Can we keep it?' She asked. 'No, we can't,' Brenda's father said.

Brenda was so upset. She could not keep this puppy. She immediately found other pet lovers.

Finally, Brenda could not find anyone who loved pets, but Brenda's friend Kitty loved puppy very much. Kitty collected this puppy. At that time, a girl went to ask Brenda and Kitty, 'Did you see a box with a puppy inside?' the girl asked. It was the box Brenda saw. 'Yes, it is the box!' Kitty said.

The girl was so happy because she could find her pet. Brenda was so happy too because she could find the puppy's owner.