Book Report: Peaks and Valleys

晶文薈萃 十優文章

"Peaks and Valleys" is a philosophy story. The story is about once there was a young man who lived in a valley.

When he was young, he was happy in his valley. He played in its meadows and swam in its river. The valley was all he had ever known, and he thought he would spend his whole life there. However, as he grew older, he always began to see what was wrong than he noticed what was right. As time went on, the young man became increasingly unhappy although he wasn’t sure why. Then, he tried working at different jobs in the valley, but none turned out to be what he had hoped for. His personal life was no better. One disappointment seemed to follow another. The young man wondered if he would be better off someplace else. Hence, he spoke to his parents and friends about going to the peak. But they talked only about how difficult it was to reach the peak, and how comfortable it was to stay in the valley. They all discouraged him from going where they themselves had never been. However, sometimes he felt there might be a different way of life outside the valley, and he wanted to discover it for himself.

Maybe on the peak he could gain a better view of the world. But then doubt and fear crept in again, and he thought he would stay where he was. For a long time the young man could not bring himself to leave his valley. Then one day, he recalled his early youth and realized how much had changed since then. He wasn’t sure why he changed his mind, but he suddenly decided he had to visit that mountaintop. He put his fear aside and got ready to leave as quickly as he could. Then, he set out for the nearby peak. It was not an easy journey. It took him much longer than he thought it would to make it less than halfway up the peak. But as the young man went higher, the cool breezed and fresh air revitalized him. From higher up, his valley looked smaller. Then, he turned and continued upward. The higher he climbed, the more he could see. Suddenly, the trail he was following ended. With no trail to follow, he became lost among the thick trees that blocked out the light. He feared he would not find his way out. So, he decided to cross a dangerously narrow ridge. As he did, he fell. Bruised and bleeding, he picked himself up and continued on.

Eventually, he found a new path. The higher he went, the happier he became, knowing that he was leaving the valley and putting aside his fears. At last, the young man had arrived the peak and he saw an old man who lived on a peak. Then, they talked a lot about their own things, and the old man told young man that a chain of life's lessons and helped him discover three things: how to get out of a Valley sooner; how to stay on a Peak longer; and how to have more Peaks and fewer Valleys in my future.

Actually, the story is not long-winded, but it gave me a host of edification. In this story, I am exceptionally agree with and understand about the concept that it is natural for everyone everywhere to have peaks and valleys at work and in life. There can be a great variety in the up and down moments we each have, but it is a part of being human. Reality tells me that it is without a doubt because I have many fail in the life. Such as not reach my goal, poor academic performance, to name but a few. When I failed, I felt like in the valley. I felt that no one can help me, and I thought everyone didn’t understand me. Hence, I felt heartbroken and helpless when that time. Even someone gave me my favorite foods, for example sweets, chocolates. I also kept grieved. Until one day I finally did not care about that thing. Conversely, when I was success, I felt like in the peak. I felt on top of the world and I would talk to everyone that I was successful for…. So, I think the concept is exceedingly right.

Eventually, I will recommend this story to my friends and family because this story will let the people know the life’s lessons and make them aware of this fact. In addition, I will tell everyone that it is natural for everyone everywhere to have peaks and valleys at work and in life. I hope everyone can throw all upset things and always keep smile on their face.